Lunaz debuts Hotel Programme with electric Rolls-Royce owned by Sophia Loren

“Every Rolls-Royce elevated by Lunaz has its own unique and fascinating story to tell, but few can match this exceptional Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, which was built in 1960 and first owned by the famous actress synonymous with elegance and style, Sophia Loren. In elevating this beautiful, historically-important classic to fully-electric power, we’ve remained absolutely faithful to its original spirit and purpose: to use the most advanced technology available to convey passengers in perfect serenity, privacy and comfort. Through this car, and other vehicles built through the Lunaz Hotel Programme, we’re enabling the world’s leading hotel and residence operators to add a new dimension to their guests’ experience.”

David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz
In its latest landmark project, Lunaz has elevated a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, first built in 1960 and owned by Oscar-winning actress Sophia Loren, to fully-electric power.

Only the sophisticated and celebrated Silver Cloud II silhouette remains – every surface, inside and out, has been modernised and upgraded. The vehicle’s coachwork is now finished in a bespoke two-tone finish, with the upper portion in Shale over a Rich Gold lower with matching wheel centres. The interior is trimmed in Sage leather with classic burr walnut wood detailing; the carpets from Sedna, which are woven using material from reclaimed nylon fishing nets and use a backing made from recycled ocean plastics, are finished in a Quartz colour with Gray Owl edge binding.

As with every car elevated by Lunaz, which includes Aston Martins, Bentleys, Jaguars and Range Rovers, the original petrol engine has been sensitively removed and replaced with a specifically engineered version of Lunaz’ proprietary electric powertrain and battery. Indeed, the original Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II was engineered for near-silent running, a characteristic the electric powertrain only serves to elevate and enhance.

The entire Lunaz elevation process has been carried out at Lunaz’ purpose-built production and research facility at Silverstone, UK.

Passenger comfort
The Silver Cloud II was intended primarily for chauffeur-driven use, and Lunaz has integrated a suite of modern features to create a serene, relaxing environment for rear-seat passengers. These include heated seats, a specially engineered Android and Apple Carplay-compatible audio system, and USB/USB-C charging points. Even the rear-seat cushion bolsters have been subtly reduced to increase legroom without compromising comfort or support.

The driver also benefits from upgraded controls barely imagined in the 1960s, including parking cameras linked to a full colour, six-inch display screen in the dashboard plus cruise control and an electronic parking brake.

Lunaz Hotel Programme
As well as representing a highly modern expression of one of the most iconic silhouettes in motoring history, this exceptional motor car marks the public confirmation of the Lunaz Hotel Programme. Under this service, several hotel operators around the world have already commissioned Lunaz to elevate classic models from Bentley and Rolls-Royce, as well as one notable long wheelbase classic Range Rover commission, which will be used to transport hotel guests on challenging off-road terrain.

These luxurious ‘house cars’ will be used to transport guests to and from airports at the beginning and end of their stay, as well as provide chauffeur service to local restaurants, marinas, clubs and other experiences during their visit. These vehicles will operate in regions including Europe, the Middle East, United States and Southeast Asia.

Within the restoration and elevation process, hotel customers are able to directly import signature branding, colourways and specific textiles, as well as provision for preferred cigars, beverages or even scents. Given that the Lunaz elevation process allows near-limitless possibilities for personalisation, the rear seat environment can also benefit from privacy screens, infotainment systems and measures to ensure secure mobile communications, plus additional luggage-carrying capacity if required. Lunaz has created a dedicated team of designers and craftspeople drawn from all parts of the luxury sector to undertake this work.

Chauffeur Academy
The Lunaz Hotel Programme includes training for the hotel’s own chauffeurs, to give them the awareness, skills and techniques they need to provide a secure, serene service for guests. All training is bespoke, and conducted by Lunaz’ team of chauffeurs, who comprise former motorsport professionals, qualified security protection drivers and Police Driving Curriculum instructors.

Prices for motor cars within the Lunaz Hotel Programme begin at £550,000 excluding local taxes.

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