Subaru (UK) Ltd partners with English Heritage and Legendary Summer Events

Subaru (UK) Ltd is proud to announce a new partnership with English Heritage and the charity’s Legendary Summer events, which will be held at significant historical sites nationwide throughout the summer.

Taking place between June and September 2024, the Legendary series of summer events includes ‘Legendary Jousts’ and ‘Knights’ Tournaments’ in historical venues such as Kenilworth Castle and Eltham Palace. During the events, visitors will have the chance to explore a range of Subaru all-wheel-drive SUVs and meet members of the Subaru family – with an opportunity to book a test drive with a local dealer and learn more about the brand’s safe, fun and tough vehicle range.

This support will allow English Heritage to continue delighting visitors and members this summer with its historically inspired events. The support of Subaru (UK) Ltd helps the charity to continue its vital work in protecting, conserving, and enhancing some of England’s most precious heritage sites, as well as ensuring people can continue to enjoy them for generations to come.

Susan Fisher, English Heritage’s Director of Development, said: “We’re delighted Subaru has chosen to support English Heritage and our summer events programme. Our Legendary Events are an exciting and immersive way for visitors of all ages from across the country to connect with the history of our sites, and Subaru will be playing a huge part in bringing these stories to life this summer and we’d like to thank them for their support.”

Lyndsey Flood, Subaru (UK) Ltd Head of Marketing, said: “We’re thrilled to be supporting English Heritage’s Legendary Events series this year. We instantly felt that our Subaru brand values aligned with those of the English Heritage organisation and its patrons. This partnership is the perfect way for us to authentically increase brand awareness and introduce our newest models to the families attending the Legendary Jousts. We’re also honoured knowing that our contribution to English Heritage will help maintain some of England’s most important historical sites.”

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