Isaac Ash is EXGP British Electric X Champion with Surron Ultra Bee

Rev Monkey Surron UK rider, Isaac Ash, has claimed the EXGP British Electric X Championship title for 2023 after the series concluded at the Electric Dirt Bike Festival last weekend in Lincolnshire.

Going into the weekend’s finale in second place in the championship ranks, close behind the reigning indoor champion and FIM E-Xplorer racer Sam Winterburn of the PCR-E Performance Surron Factory Racing team, Ash gave a sensational performance at Greenfield Dirt Track, claiming the top spot on the podium in round five, followed by an impressive third place in round six after suffering from a technical fault during the race. Rev Monkey teammates, Beanie Reece and Anya Colley, completed the podium on both days, putting Ash top in the overall standings and deciding the championship fate.

“I’m so happy to be taking the EXGP title this year. It was a bit of a rollercoaster season but we had to go for it”, said Ash. “This is actually the first electric championship I’ve entered as part of the Rev Monkey team and my first season riding the Ultra Bee, so moving up into the open class certainly upped the stakes and I really enjoyed how competitive the racing has been.”

Remarkably, this is not the first championship title for Ash this year, after being crowned the 2023 Arenacross British Supermini Champion, with maximum points awarded at every round.

“I actually started this season on a stock bike, and in the first race meeting, I holeshotted three races and finished in a comfortable second, which I think is a real testament to how good the bike is straight out of the box”, continued Ash. “I’m excited to continue developing the bike with the Rev Monkey team, sign up for more races and hopefully win some more titles in the near future!”

The EXGP adult open class had a tumultuous season with fierce competition between riders that made for some exciting racing and an open championship right up until the last round. Beanie Reece, also on the Rev Monkey team with the Surron Ultra Bee, claimed second place in the championship and tied up the women’s title, with FIM FIM E-Xplorer racer Sam Winterburn on the Surron Storm Bee, finishing in third place after not competing in the season finale at Greenfield Dirt Track. Anya Colley also attended the Electric Dirt Bike Festival and won the final race of the season, topping off a remarkable weekend for the Rev Monkey Surron UK team.

“We’ve had a brilliant season. I couldn’t be more proud of the team, and I’m also really pleased for Isaac”, said Mark Reece, Owner of the Rev Monkey Surron UK team. “For a young lad only 15 years old, he really is a tremendous rider with a natural ability and flair. He’s been training a lot and we all knew going into this championship that he’d be a force to be reckoned with. It’s a very well-deserved title.

“We’ve gone through a lot of development with the new Ultra Bee this season and it’s really made for a fun season with a lot of successes along the way – both in the championship and on a rider level. All of our riders – Isaac, Beanie and Anya – have worked really hard in getting to this point, so a first and second in the championship is a great reward and we can’t wait for what’s next for the team.”

The Ultra Bee, which arrived in the UK earlier this year, is Surron’s new mid-sized powerhouse that packs state-of-the-art technology and impressive performance into a newly-designed platform, marking a milestone for the brand in off-road electric development. Rev Monkey, an official Surron dealer servicing the Devon and Cornwall area, were the first UK team to adopt the Surron Ultra Bee and create a race-ready bike, now with proven results on the track and further development underway.

The Rev Monkey Surron UK team will be competing in the EXGB British Electric X Indoor Championship, starting in November this year, taking place at indoor venues throughout the winter.

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