Ferrari Tailor Made 812 Competizione

A Ferrari with a unique perspective to be auctioned for charity

Monterey (California, USA), Aug. 19, 2023 – At an exclusive event held at Casa Ferrari during Monterey Car Week and broadcast via live streaming, the Maranello-based company unveiled a one-of-a-kind Ferrari 812 Competizione. Without precedent, this Tailor Made car was inspired by the concept of a blank sheet, which is how the Ferrari Styling Centre starts its creative research for every new model.

The car the Tailor Made concept is applied to is one of just 999 Ferrari 812 Competiziones, a limited and extremely exclusive series intended for collectors and enthusiasts of the world’s most exciting twelve-cylinder. It is distinguished by a commemorative plaque affixed to the interior as a testament to its original inspiration.

The Tailor Made 812 Competizione presented today was commissioned by Ferrari North America and will be auctioned at the Ferrari Gala to be held in New York City on October 17 at the culmination of an exclusive event aimed at celebrating the Maranello-based company’s unique community and passion for the brand. All proceeds will be donated to charity as part of the education support projects that have been the focal point of the Prancing Horse’s charitable activities.

The process of developing the craftsmanship techniques used to create such original and creative patterns took over a year of close collaboration between the Styling Centre and the Tailor Made team, which handles the most innovative personalisation projects at Ferrari. The main challenge was to seek the perfect balance between flawless technical realization and maintaining the creative spark and artistic craftsmanship that flow from Ferrari Chief Design Officer, Flavio Manzoni’s drawings, which provided the inspiration for this model with its unique details.

The car, in fact, has been imagined as one of the now iconic yellow cards on which Maranello designers transfer their first ideas, insights and notes from mind to paper and on which – iteration after iteration, detail after detail, idea after idea – new concepts, unique stylistic features and shapes are composed that will become part of the history of Italian automotive design.

On the car, in matte Giallo Tristrato, the lines composed by the designer who imagined the elegant and sporty forms of the 812 Competizione and its most iconic details have been traced in matte Nero DS Sketch. Notable among them are the carbon fibre blade that cuts across the horizontal plane of the front bonnet acting as an air intake for the engine, the characteristic louvres on the side – a tribute to the best twelve-cylinder Ferrari tradition – as well as the vortex generators on the rear screen devoid of glass, replaced by a concealed rear-view camera.

The same concept is echoed in the interior. The new-generation Alcantara® that covers the cockpit of this 812 Competizione, composed of 65 percent recycled polyester and presented as a world premiere on Ferrari Purosangue, is embellished with design sketches that have been embroidered directly onto it using a highly innovative technique. This is a truly unique solution, as Ferrari usually employs leather for this kind of custom motif. Completing the elegant interior trim is the black trilobal Superfabric® used for the carpet and rear wall of the passenger compartment.

The 812 Competizione, dedicated to a small group of collectors and purists of the noblest Ferrari tradition, aims for maximum performance without leaving room for compromise. Innovative technological concepts have enabled it to reach new performance heights, making the model ideal for the unlimited wealth of combinations and possibilities offered by the Ferrari Tailor Made program.

On the 812 Competizione, the driver, both on the road and on the track, becomes one with the car, which guarantees immediate responsiveness to the controls and total control even in the most complex manoeuvres. Driving thrills are always at the highest level thanks to the contribution of the independent four-wheel steering system, which gives it agility and cornering precision, and the most exciting 830-hp V12 on the world automotive scene. The engine pairs impressive power with exhilarating delivery and the sound that Maranello’s 12-cylinder purists know so well.

Ferrari Tailor Made is Ferrari’s exclusive programme dedicated to those who wish to personalise every area of their Ferrari to create a car that thoroughly reflects their character and personal tastes. Customers who join the programme are assisted by a team of experts and guided by a personal designer who interprets their wishes while respecting the brand’s aesthetic standards.

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