Get groovy with Isuzu UK when new 73-plate hits the streets

Isuzu UK, the leading distributor of Isuzu D-Max pick-up trucks in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce the new communications campaign following the upcoming ‘73’ registration number available in the market from the 1st of September 2023.

To celebrate the new 73-plate, Isuzu UK is launching a funky fresh marketing campaign featuring none other than the legendary Disco Dave. Coming right back from the 70s, the ‘life of the party’ character is going to dance and pose with the newest D-Max range as he takes centre stage to promote the new ‘73’ registration number. The campaign captures the essence of Isuzu UK’s far-out spirit, innovation, sense of fun and adventure.

In addition to this engaging campaign, Isuzu UK is delighted to announce the availability of the New-Look Isuzu D-Max range, featuring the ‘73’ registration number. Customers can now place their orders and experience the unparalleled performance and reliability that the nifty Isuzu D-Max is renowned for. The award-winning range boasts a host of impressive features, including cutting-edge technology, enhanced safety systems, and sleek design elements. With its robust capabilities, the foxy D-Max is the perfect companion for any adventure, whether tackling off-road terrains or cruising through city streets with confidence.

Commenting on the upcoming launch, George Wallis, Head of Marketing, Isuzu UK, expressed his excitement “The introduction of the new registration number always means a lot of new customers boogie on down to dealerships. With Disco Dave leading the campaign, we are confident that the good vibes, energy and enthusiasm surrounding this groovy latest chapter will be truly infectious.”

For more information on the out-of-sight Isuzu D-Max range, please visit or your fab local Isuzu dealer.

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