The new Crafter is ready to go

The new Crafter will be launched in a few weeks’ time and will be taken to a higher level by means of an extensive software and hardware update. The cockpit in particular has been completely redesigned and now features the latest generation of infotainment systems. The fresh features include the Digital Cockpit, a multifunction steering wheel, an electronic parking brake and various assist systems. A key option is the digital voice assistant with ChatGPT integration. Pre-sales of the new Crafter start in mid-April.

The new Crafter will come with digital instruments as standard: the Digital Cockpit. A defining interior detail of the 2024 Crafter is a now 10.3-inch and optionally 12.9-inch infotainment display based on the latest modular infotainment matrix (MIB). The visually free-standing Volkswagen system has a newly developed graphical interface and self-explanatory menu navigation. The Crafter will also receive a new online voice control system for many vehicle functions. This system features ChatGPT integration and responds to natural voice commands. The handbrake and the switch for the automatic gearbox have been redesigned, as have the controls for the light functions, the buttons in the area of the centre console and all vents.

The range of new standard and optional assist systems raises the successful product line to a new level and thus makes everyday work easier for Crafter drivers. All new Crafter models will have the following systems on board as standard in future: Front Assist (Autonomous Emergency Braking including Cyclist and Pedestrian Monitoring), Lane Assist (lane keeping system), Dynamic Road Sign Display, a speed limiter and acoustic Park Distance Control for the rear area. Travel Assist will be available as an option for the Crafter for the first time. In combination with Travel Assist, Emergency Assist is also being introduced in the Crafter.

The website for the new Crafter ( The Crafter Panel Van | Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles ( is now online. It contains all the important information for customers about the extensive new features and improved product characteristics of the popular and versatile large van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Pre-sales of the Crafter panel van start in mid-April.

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