Milltek Sport Shows Support for the Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association

Milltek Sport backs the PAAA and its SMART (Safe Modification and Responsible Tuning) campaign at Autosport International. The display helped raise awareness of the growing need for consumers to have a greater understanding of how legislation impacts car modification.

Milltek Sport, the premium performance exhaust specialist, supported the Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association (PAAA) to raise awareness of its highly topical SMART (Safe Modification and Responsible Tuning) campaign at this year’s Autosport International show, which was held at the NEC, Birmingham.

With the performance tuning industry under increased scrutiny in recent months, and in response to growing pressures placed upon it by motor manufacturers and government legislation, the PAAA has recently introduced the SMART campaign to provide its members with a mandate to support and promote safe and responsible vehicle modification and engine tuning for cars that are used on public roads.

The campaign aims to unify and focus the performance tuning industry to produce and supply products that are safe, road legal and fit-for-purpose, while continuing to offer improved performance and vehicle dynamics.

Milltek Sport, as one of the first businesses to join the PAAA since its own founder, Phil Millington, helped to establish the industry body, is showing its support and underlining its own commitment to responsible tuning by displaying several performance products on the PAAA stand.

Visitors to the stand were introduced to Milltek Sport’s own INEOS Grenadier demonstrator, which amongst other modifications features the company’s full ECE-approved particulate-filter back stainless steel exhaust, together with examples of its road-legal and track-focused systems.

By seeing the two types of systems side by side, visitors were instantly able to visualise the differences and fully understand how their choice of performance exhaust – regardless of the manufacturer – could render their vehicle illegal for road use.

Steve Pound, Managing Director of Milltek Sport said: “In our 40-year history we have seen the performance aftermarket grow exponentially, but now is a critical time and the industry must further evolve so that enthusiasts have all the knowledge and compliant products to enable them to still enjoy modifying vehicles without infringing road legality or inciting the introduction of further legislation.

“As one of the longest-established and most recognised names in the performance aftermarket space, we feel we have a responsibility to ensure that enthusiasts can clearly determine and consider which products are road legal and those that aren’t, whether they are a customer of ours or not. What the PAAA is promoting via SMART also ties in perfectly with the further measures that we are implementing in-house to help our customers choose the correct system for their requirements and usage.”

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