Black beauty. Rare classic Aston Martin convertible now available at Nicholas Mee
  • Delivered new in May 1958, one of only two DB Mk III Drophead Coupés specified with DBB engines: the ultimate open-top Aston Martin road car of the time and quite possibly the sole remaining example.
  • The Aston Martin DB Mk III was in production from March 1957 to July 1959.
  • In the original Ian Fleming James Bond novel ‘Goldfinger’, 007 drove an Aston Martin DB Mk III, referred to in the book as a ‘DB III’.
  • The model introduced the signature radiator grille found on all later Aston Martins including the DB5. It can be seen today on the new DB12.
  • Only 85 convertibles – ‘Drophead Coupés’ in Aston-speak – were made. Listed at £3,451 (with tax) in 1958, they were nearly double the price of a £1,861 Jaguar XK 150 DHC.
  • The most powerful engine available for the Mk III was known internally at Aston Martin as the ‘DBB’. With three Weber carburettors, a higher compression ratio, special camshafts and twin exhausts, the ‘DBB’ produced 195bhp. A standard car boasted a more modest 162bhp. Works Aston Martin driver Roy Salvadori recorded a 0-60mph time of 8.2 seconds in a DBB-equipped Mk III – nearly two seconds faster than a regular model.

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