Morgan Super 3 makes US public debut at The Bridge VII

The Morgan Super 3 will make its United States debut at The Bridge VII this Saturday 23 September, with two specially commissioned bespoke models. Hosted at Bridgehampton Golf Club, The Bridge has become one of the United States’ most original and exclusive annual automotive events, showcasing some of the most prominent automobiles from past and present.

The two bespoke Super 3 reflect the customisable and versatile nature of the model, presenting differing aesthetics that work together or individually. The first ‘Bridge commission’ exudes a contemporary feel and is finished in Ice Green Metallic paint with coordinating Cotswold Green leather. Dark graphite wheels and structural castings combine with a subtle one-off livery pattern, visible on the lower sides of the body. A host of other options, handpicked from Super 3’s extensive options list, are visible.

The second bespoke Super 3 conveys a more purposeful touring aesthetic and is equipped for adventure. Finished in Reflex Silver and featuring a host of bespoke markings, it coordinates matching Cotswold Green leather with the first commission, contrasted with orange accents. Additional driving lights and side exo-racks with orange bungees headline the extensive options fitted to the vehicle.

The public debut of Super 3 at The Bridge VII marks the official reintroduction of Morgan to the United States following the model’s launch earlier this Summer. Super 3 has now arrived at Morgan dealerships across the country and is available to test drive now. Morgan’s relationship with the United States will continue to evolve over the coming months and years with further four-wheeled models planned for US entry in 2024 and beyond.

Massimo Fumarola, Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Motor Company, said: “I am delighted to be showing the Morgan Super 3 for the first time in the United States at The Bridge VII. Super 3 represents bold design, provides a sense of adventure and is endlessly customisable, these qualities are all portrayed in our two special commissions for event. We couldn’t imagine a more fitting occasion for Morgan’s return to the United States, this is just the first step in reigniting our longstanding relationship with the country.”

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