Bespoke Handling opens new detailing facility to offer owners the ultimate protection from Gtechniq

Bespoke Handling has added a further service offering, with the opening of Bespoke Detailing. The dedicated detailing and valeting bay offers a comprehensive service of maintenance, protection and preservation to vehicles, ensuring the perfect condition as they enter or leave storage, or simply for owners looking to present their vehicle in the perfect condition. In association with high-performance ceramic coatings and detailing product experts, Gtechniq, the new facility is now open at the Bespoke Handling’s home in West Sussex.

The dedicated clean space has been installed to provide another important service, ensuring that cars coming into storage, and heading back to customers, are prepared in the best way possible. With this in-house service, offered on-site, vehicles can be prepared and protected prior to being placed into storage. This simple process can ensure road dirt and other contaminants are removed before covers are fitted. Preparations can also be made for vehicles leaving storage, or prior to delivery, with bespoke and extensive detailing programmes available.

Bespoke Detailing also offers pre- and post-track driving detailing services, which can include protection against, and help to remove, tar and other signs of trackday use. With the ability to raise the vehicle and remove wheels, a thorough clean of the underbody and inside wheelarches is also possible, as well as preparation and protection of the wheels and tyres.

“We pride ourselves on delivering an extra level of service at every stage at Bespoke Handling, and being in control of each part of the customer journey means we can ensure that service level doesn’t drop,” explained Gary Ayles, of Bespoke Handling. “Our clients want to ensure their cars are well maintained and in the perfect condition, and the services offered by Bespoke Detailing will ensure that this is the case for cars coming into our care, before they are stored, and also when they are then handed back or delivered to the customer.

“It is great to be working with Gtechniq for this project, as it has become clear that we have shared values when it comes to delivering the necessary level of quality service. We also have a number of shared OEM clients, and this new relationship allows us to provide all of our clients a comprehensive package, from door to door. Working with Gtechniq ensures that we can provide the level of finish to each car, whether it is a simple refresh prior to delivery, or a full track-preparation to ensure owners can enjoy their car knowing it is protected.”

The Bespoke Detailing facility offers the full range of Gtechniq ceramic coatings, paintwork enhancement and correction, and is now taking bookings. For more details, pricing, or to discuss what services are available, contact Bespoke Handling on +44 (0) 1444 831869. More information about the full range of Gtechniq automotive products is available from

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