Mercedes-Benz Offering Exclusive Offers

Mercedes-Benz offering exclusive offers. If you are thinking about purchasing a brand new Mercedes-Benz, now could be the optimal time to do so. Between the 10th and 13th of November Mercedes-Benz UK is giving its in store customers the chance to unlock exclusive benefits and offers when purchasing a new car.

The Platinum Star Event, will last just 3 days in November and are inclusive of any other offers and benefits available in stores concurrently.

The Platinum Star Event at which Mercedes-Benz is offering exclusive offers, is largely focused on boosting sales on the selected All Electric cars.

There will be announcements on local and national radio stations, as well as TV, Social media and other high impact media channels. Alternatively you can visit their website, or book your place at the events here.

Mercedes-Benz moved over to an agency model at the beginning of the year taking control of pricing with dealers facilitating vehicle handovers for a fixed fee.

Mercedes-Benz Offering Exclusive Offers

Year to date Mercedes-Benz sales rose 2% in a market ahead 20%. Its market share has fallen to 4.5% compared to 5.3% last time.

In the most recent NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey dealers were asked how they would rate the franchise overall. Its score fell to 7 from 8.7 six months earlier when the last survey was carried out.

Dealers were also asked “Thinking about the value of this franchise, how likely are you to recommend this brand on a scale of 1 to 10?  Mercedes-Benz saw its score fall to 6.6 from 8.7 last time.

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